Whether you are a scale-up or an established company

Fresh capital supports growth ambitions. Private investors and local banks have been there as a resource. Now, it’s time for a boost to keep up with your ambition.


Stretching beyond former or current capital partners is key for a solid and scalable business. Your enterprise has grown through the dedication of strong management, backed by strategic assets or long-term contracts. Yet you have extended beyond the funding criteria in your own financing network

Capbrokers always focuses on do-able options and does not waste time on options that are less likely to fly.

Managing Owner of Shipping company

The only way is up

Perhaps you can’t provide enough securities, your cash flow is still limited, you need a more flexible repayment schedule, your sector is little known, or there’s simply too much exposure with your current funder? Whatever it is, you need some financial wind in your sails.

Criteria to help you

  • Strong company management

  • Track record of more than two years

  • Existing cash flow

  • Growth strategy

  • HQ in Western-Europe