capital for a sustainable future

Connect finance and innovation for a better world

It is our mission to support companies creating an impact with sustainable and green investments. Cap4Green is dedicated to open the financing market for smart, sustainable and innovative solutions that contribute to a better future.

Focus on sustainable finance

The market for sustainable products and services that contribute to the green transition is growing rapidly. This leads to an increasing demand in financing and investment from companies active in this sector. Due to the COVID19 crisis, banks and traditional financiers will be able to provide limited financing for this growing demand. Mainly because those traditional financiers currently stretched their balance sheets to keep their clients alive through this crisis. On the other hand, these type of financiers are never eager to finance innovative assets that are new to them.

Connect finance and innovation for a better world

Alternatives in the capital market, such as debt funds, niche banks, asset managers and loan platforms are increasingly focused on this sustainable market and are willing to offer various forms of debt financing. Cap4Green knows these parties well and has an ongoing dialogue on the possibilities and developments within this financing market and is dedicated to open up this market for the more sustainable future.


Sustainability plays a role in all the fundraising activities of Cap4Green. Projects and investments seeking finance from Cap4Green must be financially viable and subject to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and principles, with a focus on:

  • Affordable and Clean Energy

  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable development goals

Cap4Green looks for smart solutions that enable debt financing for your sustainable project. We always provide quick feedback on your project feasibility and make the financing process less time-consuming and less expensive.