The network makes the difference

We value our network of capital providers. A network that comes from years of face-to-face interactions, consistent follow-ups and transactions. And in this dynamic environment, we invest in our network on a daily basis so we can offer you up-to-date knowledge and solutions that match your specific requirements.

The power of foresight

Raising capital is like a game of chess and having someone think ahead of the game is essential, that is our strength. Our network know-how eases your navigation through challenges and opportunities, and turns the fund raising process into a success. Among all the different capital providers, we always look for the best strategic solution, focusing on the partner that can meet your unique demands.

Capbrokers gave us the flexibility to stay one step ahead of competition in the fast-financing landscape.

Founder and Managing Partner of Fintech company

Our network partners

We work with a wide range of strategic international partners. This enables us to find the right partner for a variety of financing needs. Capbrokers has an international network of 250+ financing partners that consists solely of professional debt investors in the likes of investment banks, investment firms, debt funds, family offices, asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds.