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Working capital and guarantees


A manufacturer and service provider of advanced machinery was looking for new capital partners to help the company with working capital to engage in large international projects. The client's bank and investors were not able to provide this capital due to a lack of market knowledge and risk appetite causing missed opportunities and preventing the client from growing its business.


Capbrokers arranged multiple solutions to create liquidity by using the client's assets more efficiently. The first solution was to arrange a counter guarantee facility, issued to the bank of the client. This way the bank could release the burden on the client's credit lines caused by the pre-payment bonds the company had to issue towards their customers.

The second solution arises from giving the client access to Capbrokers its extensive international network of capital providers, who understand the client's business and are willing to provide working capital when needed.

Key indicators

  • Working capital

  • Credit enhancement and lending

  • Amounts between EUR 1M – EUR 5M

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